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Ruffwear’s European Ambassadors take ‘The Road Less Travelled’

This Autumn/ Winter we decided to set off on a road less travelled of our own, to create a campaign that will not only target all European influencers but one that will generate new connections and new followers that are built to last.

The Idea

Ruffwear created a fantastic theme for the AW19 season, The Road Less Travelled, so we decided to encourage influencers across Europe to take their own Road Less Travelled moment by discovering a new adventure with their dog by their side.

In past seasons we held in person events which are limited due to travel and are often costly, so this season we did things a little differently. We created a personalised, branded influencer box, to celebrate the Road Less Travelled theme and present our influencers with specially chosen products for the new season. Our aim was to engage dog owners throughout Europe in order to build up brand recognition and boost sale, by creating a box that would offer influencers multiple opportunities to share Ruffwear content.

We sent a total of 36 boxes across 7 European countries including UK, Germany, France, Norway, and Switzerland. Each box contained a personalised handwritten compliments slip, a compass, a postcard and a product orientated flyer. Not forgetting, of course, a Ruffwear product wrapped up in a map tissue paper and a map of their local area to spark some ideas for new adventures.

Finally, we branded these unique boxes with a range of Ruffwear stickers to present influencers with a gift worth talking about.

The Result

The results of this campaign have been impressive and have provided us with excellent information to tailor future campaigns. To date, box openings have reached over 410,000 social media accounts, received over 38,000 likes and gained almost 600 comments.

Some examples of our favourite coverage include:

Taking the road less travelled


Based on the cost of this campaign and the results received, we have gained an excellent growth in on our social media platforms including a positive growth on our sales in October. The @Ruffwear_Europe Instagram account alone gained over 600 new followers and all of our followers who posted have seen a significant follower bump as well as increased engagement.

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